How to Switch Back to the WordPress Classic Editor

A few days ago, WordPress 5.0 was finally launched and together with it, was the new WordPress editor called “Gutenberg”. though it could already be tested a while ago. While the editor received several good reviews and praises from a number of tech sites, I personally find it lacking. I have used this new editor […]

Read More Plans will no Longer Offer Free Domain Credits

I was informed this morning that will no longer offer one-year free domain credit upon renewal of its subscription plans (Personal, Premium, and Business) starting on December 19, 2018. Those of you who are subscribed to’s plans may already be aware of this. I received the following email from which said: We […]

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Buggy WordPress

This post is just a way for me to test if my post would appear on the WordPress Reader. More than an hour earlier, I published a blog party post (where you can share your blog with us), but unfortunately, the post didn’t appear on the WordPress reader. I suspected that there was something wrong […]

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HTML Tutorial #1: Indent The First Line Of A Paragraph And Hanging Indent

Have you ever wondered how to indent the first line of every paragraph on a blog? Or perhaps, you want your poem or reference list to have a hanging indent but you are unable to figure out how it’s done. While these can be easily done using CSS, not all plans let you […]

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