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We Regret The Error

Omitting a single letter can change the meaning of a statement, as the following sentences from the old periodicals illustrate (the words with a missing letter are in italics): “The conflict was dreadful, and the enemy was repulsed with considerable laughter.” … Continue reading

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Random Joke #4: Mysterious Sound

Once upon a time, a man was driving along the road, when his car broke down near a monastery. He went to the monastery, said, “My car broke down. Can I stay the night here?” He was relieved that the … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #14

Rhyming [Nicolas Boileau-]Despréaux, in composing poetry, made his second verse before the first; and considered it as a very great secret in the art of [rhyming], which gave energy and meaning to the verse. Boileau used to relate, that he communicated … Continue reading

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A Secret Love Letter

The following letter was written by a young gentleman to his lover under the direction and eye of his father. The understanding, however, between the lovers, was, that she should read every other line, beginning with the first. Every party was … Continue reading

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A Limerick About Writer’s Block

A limerick fan from Australia Regarded his work as a failure: His verses were fine Until the fourth line. — Anon.

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How To Say “Good Grief, Charlie Brown!” In Various Provinces Of France

In the March 28, 1977, issue of the New York Times, Craig Claiborne related that a few years prior, he had reviewed a book about French cuisine. He felt that the book’s tone was ostentatious, and he also thought that the … Continue reading

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A Shaggy-Dog Story: Black And White

One day, a reporter went to a farm to conduct an interview with a farmer. Reporter: Do you have some time for a quick interview? Farmer: Yes. Reporter: I wanna ask how you take care of your cows. For my … Continue reading

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