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An Old Rhyming Recipe To Make Ink

The following is a quaint mnemonic of a recipe for making ink which first appeared in John de Beauchesne’s Writing Book, 1602, and quoted in David Nunes Carvalho, Forty Centuries of Ink, 1904: To make common Ink, of Wine take a … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #61

Reasons for the Delay The editor of the American Mechanic has encountered trials unknown to ordinary men. Hearken unto his wailings. “Owing to the facts, that our papermaker disappointed us, the mails failed, and deprived us of our exchanges, a … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Past #60

Diplomacy Lord Wentworth gave some very cavalier advice to one going upon a diplomatic mission : he was up to the system of courts, or he would not have committed himself by such a satire. ” To secure yourself, and … Continue reading

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Does That Sound Familiar?

Murray Leinster, in his 1946 science fiction story entitled A Logic Named Joe, seemed to anticipate the advent of the Internet. Most of his description of what would be called the Internet in the near future were spot on. Here … Continue reading

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Buggy WordPress

This post is just a way for me to test if my post would appear on the WordPress Reader. More than an hour earlier, I published a blog party post (where you can share your blog with us), but unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Introducing Raymond Smullyan

One day, when a speaker was introducing logician and puzzlist Raymond Smullyan, he remarked that “Professor Smullyan is unique.” Smullyan, who was feeling playful that day, said, “I’m sorry to interrupt you Sir but I happen to be the only … Continue reading

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A Stone-Cold Hoax

Melville Stone was a publisher of the Chicago Daily News during the 1870’s. In his memoir, he related the following anecdote of a hoax pulled by the Chicago Daily News against its competitor. The staff at the Daily News had … Continue reading

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