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Buggy WordPress

This post is just a way for me to test if my post would appear on the WordPress Reader. More than an hour earlier, I published a blog party post (where you can share your blog with us), but unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Introducing Raymond Smullyan

One day, when a speaker was introducing logician and puzzlist Raymond Smullyan, he remarked that “Professor Smullyan is unique.” Smullyan, who was feeling playful that day, said, “I’m sorry to interrupt you Sir but I happen to be the only … Continue reading

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A Stone-Cold Hoax

Melville Stone was a publisher of the Chicago Daily News during the 1870’s. In his memoir, he related the following anecdote of a hoax pulled by the Chicago Daily News against its competitor. The staff at the Daily News had … Continue reading

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Learn Fun Facts’ Monthly Miscellany, May 2018

Random Ramblings A Cruel Prank I have done several odd jobs, including cooking. During college, I applied at a Shanghai food restaurant as a “Study Boy”. A study boy’s job is to assist the chefs while learning from them in … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Get Out Of A Blogging Slump

I’m having a blogging slump during the last few days or so and I’m not really sure why. It’s not that I lost my motivation for blogging. I suspect (and hope) that this is only fleeting and I’d eventually overcome … Continue reading

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Conveyance Of An Orange

The Western Law Journal, Vol. 5 (August 1848) gave the following interesting passage about the process of writing a deed of gift of an orange: If a man would, according to law, give to another an orange, instead of saying, … Continue reading

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Rejection Letter From A Chinese Editor

The following is said to be an exact translation of the letter sent by a Chinese editor to a would-be contributor whose manuscript he found it necessary to return: Illustrious brother of the sun and moon: Behold thy servant prostrate … Continue reading

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